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Frequently asked questions

Before you visit

Are you pet friendly?

Absolutely! Just make sure your pet is friendly, leashed, can swim, and make sure you bring a lifejacket for your pet.

Dont have a lifejacket for your pet? No worries - the marina carries pet life jackets for sale at affordable prices :)

Do you offer lessons?

We offer all of our guests a free basic tutorial at request :)

How close are we from your location?

The best way to get directions to our location, as well as an estimate for how long it will take you to get to our location - we reccomend using google maps by searching "A Day Away Kayak Rentals NY" or searching by our address

944 State Route 213, Kingston, NY 12401

Some GPS systems will recognize our address as 944 Abeel Street, Kingston, NY 12401

We are located at the Lou's Boat Basin boat launch :)

How should we prepare for our day away?

A few things to consider before heading down for your day away: - How long are you expecting to go out for? This will help you identify how much of each item you will want to bring with you - What are the weather conditions like? This will help you identify how long you may want to actually stay out as well as what to prepare for the specific conditions - What are the tides? This will help you identify the best time to see the waterfall, as well as plan a trip around the islands (or plan a trip TO the islands) Typically, prepare to: - Pack and apply plenty of sunscreen - Pack and drink plenty of water - Wear swimwear or dress in athelticwear - Pack away any electronics you intend to bring with you in waterproof containers (or dont bring them with you on your journey at all) - Bring a change of cloths and a towel just in case! You never know ;)

Do we need to know how to swim in order to rent?

Yes - participants must be confident and capable of swimming in the unlikely case they need to.

During your visit

Is an hour long enough?

An hour is plenty of time to enjoy the Rondout creek. Best part is we offer some of the best views the Rondout has to offer within an hour paddle. The name A Day Away comes from the fact it takes about a day to see everything the creek has to offer, explore a little bit of the Hudson and start working your way back. How long you will paddle is up to you :)

After your visit

General FAQ

Do you offer group rates or discounts?

Yes we do! We offer group discounts for recurring group outings as well as one-time sponsored events. To learn more, message us!

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